Case Studies

Executive Coaching

Mike was part of the graduate recruitment programme in the early 1990s and had been quickly identified as a ‘high flier’. Some years and promotions later, Mike contacted Martin Lambden whom he had met when Martin was leading an internal corporate Change Agent development programme some time earlier.

Now a middle manager in an operational environment, Mike was looking for help to improve and expand the change management capability of both his team and himself. Mike felt that his team would benefit from independent support which would in turn leave him ‘free’ to manage some performance issues which existed with the team. A shrewd move indeed.

Martin worked with each individual in Mike’s team using active listening and questioning to clarify the ‘problem’; step by step analysis of the situation; scenario planning and a variety of other techniques. In this way, each member of the team had the opportunity to develop their own insight and solutions, generate new ideas to deal with real work issues whilst enhancing their own leadership skills. A real return in more ways than one!

Subsequently promoted to a regional area role, Mike was keen to ‘achieve break through’ within his new role! Not inclined to simply be a follower, Mike was and is keen to lead the business change agenda and be proactive in leading his team into hitherto unchartered territory. He recognised the need to clearly define the operational agenda with his ‘new’ team which overtime evolved to become a team challenge – to identify a single project that would make a significant difference to performance. This resulted in Mike leading his team in the successful negotiation of significant changes in working practices as a means to increasing efficiency throughout the business unit; ensuring there was no damage or disruption to customer service; critically no conflict with the major unions but rather working with and gaining their support.

Working with an Executive coach, provided Mike with the encouragement and support to explore new thoughts and ideas, whilst managing risk in a politically astute manner.

Mike’s success brought him recognition not only in terms of his peers and direct reports but also from Directors in the Business. He was asked to lead sensitive negotiations around changes in key business processes and within 2 years, he was promoted to Director of his operational Business Unit.

Mike has now engaged the services of Martin Lambden to help him think ‘out of the box’ and continue to deliver improvements in operational efficiency and effectiveness. Recent work has identified a whopping potential £40 million in cost savings over a 5-year period whilst improving customer service! When delivered, this will be another first for this organisation – the first time a programme of this size, will be lead and managed internally! Mike will lead the project; and his senior team will manage the work. Martin Lambden will continue to be a ‘trusted sounding board’ that can provide encouragement, and stimulation for ‘new thinking and action’.

Continuous exploration and discovery enable and encourage Mike to explore ‘crazy’ ideas so that he becomes clearer on his own strategy and vision for the future – both his own and that of his business. Working with Martin Lambden as his Executive Coach has helped Mike to radically rethink ‘how’ work gets done; take out cost from the business in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness; to gain the commitment of his own people in terms of delivery; and to lead and empower his people as they go about their day to day jobs.

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